Be Creative in Decorating Your Walls! (2)

August 25th, 2012 by Lily Leave a reply »
  • Be Creative in Decorating2Install several magnetic refrigerator covers or magnetic bulletin boards solidly across the wall, and cover with magnets.
  • Find a few old doors at flea markets or garage sales and paint them in colors that are complementary to your room. Hang them separately to simulate large panels, or hinge them together for a more solid look.
  • Color eggshells using egg colorings or other dyes and crack them. Then, apply a thin coat of wallpaper paste or acrylic glaze to your wall and place the eggshell pieces in the wet paste or glaze. When it is dry, the eggshells will remain in place. Be sure to cover with a matte or glossy varnish to protect your design.
  • Glue a wide ribbon made of velvet or another interesting texture onto your wall at chair rail height.
  • Create an artificial window by attaching window shutters to your wall, adding a wooden baseboard at the bottom, and inserting a mirror between the shutters, as shown in this photograph .
  • For a flirty faux chair rail or cornice, glue on items such as rhinestones, buttons, beads, or seashells in horizontal stripes on the wall.
  • If you already have moldings on the wall, cover them with a fabric in a contrasting color from the rest of the wall. This is very effective when the wall is painted in white, cream, or another neutral color.

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