Be Creative in Decorating Your Walls! (3)

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  • Be Creative in Decorating3Cover an entire wall with a mirror, as has been done in this entry hall. Originally a small space, the hall takes on a bright openness that makes a dramatic impression upon entering.
  • For an ambitious project, build your own wall to divide a room or as a backdrop for artwork by adhering bricks together with mortar. Both bricks and mortar can be purchased at a home improvement store or lumber yard.)


For an alternative version, cover an existing wall with stones or chips of broken bricks using grout. Look back and read our handy dandy instructions for creating mosaics to master the technique.

  • Use rubber and foam stamps to create multilayered, interesting designs with techniques such as embossing, masking, and pigment blending. We show you how in our e-book, Creative Stamping for Walls & Furniture. You’ll even learn how to carve your own stamps!
  • Drape silk scarves vertically so that they cover the entire wall.
  • Adhere simple resin or wood ornamental reliefs (available at A.C. Moore) on your wall, and then paint the entire wall in a solid color or use a faux plaster or fresco technique. Most often used as decorative touches on furniture, such as bureaus, coffee tables, or vanities, ornamental reliefs can add a unique depth to a wall.
  • Decorate built-in cabinets with a repeated pattern to resemble wallpaper. For example, in the kitchen pictured below, the upper and lower cabinets and counter tiles have been painted in a repetitive pattern, thus creating three-dimensional “wallpaper” that “covers” the kitchen wall. You can create a similar effect using actual wallpaper, covering any furniture piece that is set against the wall (bookcase, armoire, table) with wallpaper, matching up the patterns from piece to piece so that the furniture piece blends into the rest of the wall.
  • Buy unfinished wood letters of any size (available at A.C. Moore and Michaels) and paint or stain them to match colors of your room. Use them to spell out words, poems, and sayings.

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