Be Creative in Decorating Your Walls!

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Be Creative in DecoratingThere are other ways to enhance your walls besides paint and wallpaper. Here’s where you can get really creative and add an element of unique surprise to your home. If you’d love to hear visitors to your home say something like, “This room is amazing – I would have never DREAMED of doing that to a wall!” then an unorthodox wall treatment may be for you.

To get your creative muscles working, here’s our list of favorite unorthodox wall treatments. Refer to our e-books, Quick & Stylish Decorative Crafts and Creative Stamping for Walls & Furniture, for instructions on how to complete several of these projects.

  • Hang fabric on your wall, either covering the entire wall or hung in panels, with coordinating paint showing between each panels.
  • Cover a wall with an unusual collection of items, as illustrated in the the photo below. Consider hanging old hats, neckties, plates, teacups, appliances, cookie cutters…use your imagination and any collection can be a wall treatment!
  • Dye or paint bed sheets and hang them on the wall. You can tack them down (with tacks or staples) so they hang taut against the wall, or attach them at the top of the wall and allow them to fall freely, creating “curtains” on your wall!
  • Hang a quilt on your wall for a cozy, sentimental look, or hang an oriental or other ethnic rug for a sophisticated flair.

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