Measuring and Cutting Wallpapers

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Measuring and Cutting WallpapersThe process of covering a wall can be broken down into four easy steps. Keep in mind that this process is much, much easier if you have another person to help you. So, if at all possible, arrange to complete this task with a “partner-in crime” (with your sense of humor readily accessible!)

  1. Measure and cut
  2. Prepare, glue, and book
  3. Position and trim
  4. Roll seams and rinse

Measure and Cut:

With a yardstick or tape measure, measure the width of the wallpaper roll. Next, measure from one corner of the wall to the distance equal to the wallpaper width. You may want to start in a hidden or inconspicuous corner as practice, until you get the hang of it.


Starting from the ceiling, use a pencil to make several marks vertically down the wall. The marks should be equal to the width of the wallpaper and be about 10″ apart. Check with a level to make sure the line is even. If you will be papering around a large focal point, such as a fireplace or window, you should mark your walls starting at the center of the focal point.

Using the yardstick, draw a vertical line that corresponds to the middle of the focal point. Then, mark the wall on each side of the focal point to indicate where the wallpaper strips will extend on either side.

Before you cut, hold the wallpaper strip against the wall to make sure that it there is a full pattern at the ceiling line. The strip should overlap the ceiling and baseboard by about 2”. Take the strip off the wall, with your partner’s help, and cut it to appropriate length with scissors.


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