Selecting Wallpaper for Your Decorating Style

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Selecting Wallpaper for Your Decorating StyleAs we said earlier, wallpaper is an excellent choice for covering your walls with a pattern that you love, and doing it very quickly! There are wallpaper patterns for just about every decorating style or mood you’d like to create. In fact, there are so many choices that the task of selecting wallpaper can be overwhelming.

The best way to start looking for wallpaper is to go to a home improvement or wallpaper store and quickly flip through wall covering books. From a brief glance, you’ll be able to tell which books you will want to study more carefully. It is very important to judge samples of wallpaper in the room where they will be used. To do this, simply tape the wallpaper samples to the wall where it will be hung.

If you are also using paint in the room, tape paint chips next to the wallpaper sample for comparison purposes. We recommend that you tape together at least two paint chips of each color you plan to use and stand them upright to duplicate the way light strikes a wall surface.

Live with these samples for at least 24 hours and observe them at different times of the day. Also observe them under different lighting conditions. This “testing” process is very important, as wallpaper will look differently in your home from the way it looks in the decorating center or online. Bear in mind that furniture, woodwork, and floors reflect their own colors onto the walls, changing their appearance.


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