Be Creative in Decorating Your Walls! (4)

September 2nd, 2012 by Lily Leave a reply »
  • Be Creative in Decorating4Beaded curtains (also called “door beads”) were popular in the 70’s, but they don’t have to look retro. Hang solid-color silk panels on your walls, and add one or two beaded curtains for dramatic emphasis.
  • Paint a favorite quote — or several quotes — on the wall, as has been done in this dining area. This is a great way to put some of your own personality in a room, and it’s a fantastic conversation piece!
  • Frame old photographs that you found in your grandmother’s attic, at an antique store, or on Ebay. Make a solid wall out of these photographs, perhaps accenting the wall with a brightly colored solid stripe at chair-rail height. Paint several old ladders and place them, closed, side by side right against a wall. Place items that you would normally hang ON the wall, on the ladder, instead! Have some fun experimenting with different levels to see where these items are most effective.
  • Bring out your bookish side and cover your wall with book pages (pages from old children’s books are a lot of fun), book covers, and even the books, themselves! Buy a handful of old books at a flea market, open them to their halfway point, and nail or screw them directly in the wall.

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