Be Creative in Decorating Your Walls! (5)

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  • Be Creative in Decorating5If you live with children, consider allowing them to take hold of a wall in an informal room, such as a recreation room, den, or breakfast room. Give them some paints and perhaps a theme and see what they come up with! Life-sized family portraits designed by children are especially sweet and sentimental.
  • Tear pieces of a wallpaper and hang them, collage-style, on the wall. If you use pre-pasted wallpaper, it’s as easy as soaking the pieces in water and then sticking them on the wall. This is most effective with wallpaper that doesn’t have a repeating pattern, such as wallpapers that are solid, textured, or those that simulate a paint finish.
  • Bring the outdoors in and cover your wall in a natural material such as moss, straw, dried flowers, or bamboo. Or buy artificial silk ivy garlands and hang them to cover a wall. Twist in garlands of berries for accent.
  • Pin or decoupage an arrangement of postcards and photographs from a favorite vacation. (Decoupaging is the process of gluing paper to a surface and then building up a varnish to make the surface completely smooth.)
  • A variation on this idea is to decoupage with thematic papers. In this bathroom , sheet music has been decoupaged on the wall, while covers from concert playbills are framed to emphasize the theme. A whimsical tone is set in this kitchen by the vintage menus decoupaged on the drop-ceiling area over cabinets, referred to as the furring.

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