Flooring Options (2)

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Flooring Options2Cut and loop pile (sometimes called tip sheared pile) combines sheared and uncut yarn loops.

Of course, these “words of wisdom” will only take you so far, but it is a good place to start. Shopping for carpet can be quite confusing. There are lots of numbers to consider, and you also have to put your aesthetic, emotionally-based response in there as well! Shopping for carpet is a lot like shopping for jewelry. There are two basic types of shoppers.

The first is the emotional shopper, who falls in love with a carpet or a piece of jewelry first, and then measures its quality specifications (i.e., strength and durability) against its attractiveness and price. The second is the practical shopper, who asks the salesperson to present the strongest carpets or jewelry in his or her price range.

After seeing the choices, he or she then makes an aesthetic selection from what is available. Think about the jewelry metaphor – you probably know immediately which type of shopper you are, right? Well, no matter which category you are in, you will find it helpful that almost all carpet and home improvement stores carry free brochures that outline the different specifications that are involved in determining the carpet’s quality.

We also recommend the Carpet and Rug Institute’s information on carpet selection. And certainly, ask your salesperson questions regarding quality and durability.

And then…follow your heart!


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