The Softer Side of Flooring

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The Softer Side of FlooringThere are three main categories of flooring: soft flooring, resilient flooring, and hard flooring. It’s pretty obvious where carpet fits – it’s a soft flooring and is very popular in homes for its comfort, acoustic absorption, and pleasing appearance.

For something that is so standard in so many homes, carpet is wonderfully versatile. It can be a subtle, soothing backdrop to your room’s color scheme, or it can punch the room with unforgettable color. To illustrate carpet’s versatility, look at these two photographs of informal rooms.

In the photograph of the office, the lush, forest green carpet becomes a focal point in and of itself in a room with neutral walls. The use of intricately-patterned upholstery on the desk chair contributes to the intensity of the carpet, drawing our eye downward.

On the other hand, the other den illustrates the way in which carpet can take a back seat. The neutral gray carpet lays a unifying foundation. However, it does not draw attention from the rich woods of the antique furniture and the splashes of color in the sofa and throw pillows.


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