A Glossary of Fabulous Fabrics (3)

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A Glossary of Fabulous Fabrics3Denim is a twilled cotton fabric that is very durable and comes in a variety of colors, beyond the traditional blue jeans. It is the ultimate casual fabric and is very easy to maintain.

Flannel is a fabric with a slight nap in texture, and is made by varying weights of wool or cotton. It is soft and warming and is popular in colder climates.

Gingham is a plain-weave cotton fabric that is dyed and woven to create stripes, checks, or plaid patterns.

Lace is an open-weave fabric used for decorative ornamentation. The pattern in the lace is formed by webbing natural or synthetic threads.

Leather is the skin of an animal that has been processed by tanning. It can come in its own natural color or it can be dyed. It shows natural wear and tear but that is part of its pleasing character. However, it does not hold up well in situations of extreme hot or cold.

Linen is a smooth plant fiber originating from flax. Linen wrinkles easily but is strong and durable and very resistant to chemicals. It is completely fade resistant in sunlight and wonderfully cooling.

Matelassé is a thick cotton fabric with quilted texture, most often used for bedspreads. It gets its name from the French word for “padded.”


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