A Glossary of Fabulous Fabrics (4)

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A Glossary of Fabulous Fabrics4Moiré is a distinctive ribbed fabric of silk, cotton, or rayon that has a watermark pattern engraved in its surface. The name comes from the French word for “watered.”

Muslin refers to a number of plain-weave cottons, including gauze, mosquito netting, and scrim. Most upholstery has a tightly-woven underlay of muslin.

Nylon is a popular synthetic fiber that most often is blended with other fibers to create strong, flexible, and resilient fabrics.

Paisley is a most often a wool challis (see challis) or cotton fabric with a very specific woven pattern which repeats highly decorated shapes that look like teardrops. Paisley is usually a lightweight fabric, but the design can also be found on other fabrics such as flannel and corduroy and is at home in both formal and informal settings.

Percale is a plain tight-weave cotton used in calico (see calico) and other fabrics. It has a non-glossy finish and is similar to muslin, but with a finer texture. Plissé is a lightweight fabric that is shrunken into crinkles or pleats. The name comes from the French word for “pleated”.

Plissé is most commonly used for curtains.

Polyester is a very strong synthetic fiber that often is blended with natural fibers to create fabrics that are quick-drying, durable, and resistant to shrinking, stretching, wrinkling, and fading. Rayon is a manufactured fiber that is made from natural wood pulp.


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