A Glossary of Fabulous Fabrics (5)

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A Glossary of Fabulous Fabrics5Rayon can be dull or shiny, depending upon the way it is processed. It can be manufactured to resemble a number of fine fabrics at a much more economical price.

Satin is a silk, cotton, or synthetic fabric with a glossy, light-reflective look. It is lush and opulent and is great for formal draperies.

Silk is a tough, elastic fiber produced by silkworms and then woven into lustrous fabrics. It’s the strongest of all natural fibers and it is very receptive to color dyes.

Ticking is a heavy cotton twill fabric characterized by stripes of colored yarn. It is excellent for casual upholstery, with its extreme durability and fun, striped designs.

Toile (short for Toile de Jouy) is a traditional cotton fabric printed with scenes of French country life. For more information, see our previous reference to toile.

Velour is a smooth, dense fabric that looks similar to velvet but less formal and much more durable.

Velvet is a luxurious fabric made of cut or uncut looped piles. It can be embossed, crushed, or patterned for interesting textures. It quickly shows signs of wear and should not be used in high-traffic areas.

Wool is a natural fiber sheared from animals such as sheep, goats, or llamas. It has wonderful warmth and heft and is the best fabric for warmth in beddings. As upholstery, it can be a bit rough to the touch, especially in warmer months.


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