A Glossary of Fabulous Fabrics

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A Glossary of Fabulous FabricsNow that you’ve identified some of the fabrics that may be just right for your home, take a look at our glossary of the fabrics included in the grid. Make any relevant notes in your journal about the fabrics in which you are most interested!

Acrylic is a synthetic fiber that can be used alone, but most often is combined with other fibers to make a fabric. Acrylic provides the warmth and feel of wool with less expense. It is very resistant and durable and wears well.

Barkcloth is a heavy cotton fabric with a nubby texture. It can be a solid color but it is usually associated with large printed floral sofas from the 1950’s. Batik is a dyeing method that originated in Indonesia.

Batik fabrics are usually cotton and when they are dyed, wax is placed in patterns so that the dye “resists” the waxed areas. Wonderful for an informal, ethnic look.

Bouclé derives its name from the French word for “curled”. It is a textured wool-like fabric made of curly looped yarns. It has a wintry, elegant feel.

Brocade is a fabric woven on a loom and is known for the lights and shadows in its raised patterns. It is a traditional and formal fabric that can be used as upholstery or as a window treatment.

Burlap (also called hessian) is a coarse, stiff, plain-weave fabric made from jute, hemp, or cotton. Because it is scratchy, it is often not the most comfortable fabric for upholstery, but is good for draping, wall covering, or on small accent items, such as throw pillows.

Calico is a plain-weave cotton percale (see percale) which is usually printed with bright, small patterns. It is often used for quilting to achieve an early American look.


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