The Alternatives of Appraisal Issues

November 29th, 2012 by Lily Leave a reply »

Appraisal IssuesAlthough it is impossible to completely avoid appraisal issues, some methods to guard against the most common problems include the following.

  • If the lender is not a local lender, ask that your Realtor be able to submit potential appraisers to the lender so a local one is chosen.
  • If the property is unique or unusual in any way, talk to the buyer’s mortgage company to let them know your concerns. Hopefully they will select the correct loan program and correct appraiser to meet the type of property.
  • If you know of sales within the last ninety to one hundred and eighty days of homes similar to yours in the same area that justify your sales price, have copies of the listings available to the appraiser when he or she views your home.



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