Tips on Buying Fresh Fish

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Compared to chicken and meat, fish actually has the highest nutrients and lowest fat. That’s why nutrient experts strongly suggest pregnant women and children to consume fish more. Nevertheless, fish is included in food ingredients that can be rotten easily if it is not processed quickly. You need to know that rotten fish is not good to be consumed anymore because its taste and texture is bitter and too soft. Because of this, choose fresh fish only. The question is how to get fresh fish? Below are several tips on buying fresh fish.

  1. Buy fish in the right place
    To get fresh fish, buy at fish market. This market is usually located near dock or around coast. By going to this place, you can find a lot of fresh fish that you want easily such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, etc. Another option is buying fresh fish from the fishermen directly who usually go home in the morning.
  2. Pay attention to fish smell
    Fresh fish has fresh smell. On the other words, it does not have strong fishy smell. However, some fish have strong smell, so you need to be able to differentiate between those smells.
  3. Press fish’s body
    If you press fish’s body and its body doesn’t spring back, it means the fish is not fresh. Fresh fish is dense and chewy. Furthermore, check fish eyes whether they look fresh, clear, and quite preeminent or not.
  4. Look at fish color
    Look at fish color in detail whether it still look bright or not. If you find fish with dull color, avoid buying that fish because it is not fresh anymore. Don’t forget to pay attention to gill’s color, make sure that it is bright too.
  5. Put fish into water
    To test whether fish is still fresh or not, put it into the water, if it sinks, it is fresh.

After getting fresh fish, you can look for fish recipes and cook it by using Panasonic microwave to get good result. Don’t believe so? See how Daniel Galmiche, Michelin Star Chef, do his magic cooking fresh fish in a microwave:


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