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Maintaining Household Budgets for Housewives

December 20th, 2012

Basically, housewives have a big responsibility to take care of children and home when their husbands work at the office. Besides, most husbands trust their wives to make household budgets so all household needs are usually managed and organized by housewives. Unfortunately, some housewives cannot maintain household budgets well, they are usually tempted to buy unimportant products to only enhance their appearance. Thus, in the middle of month, they will ask their husbands to give them additional budgets. » Read more: Maintaining Household Budgets for Housewives

Things to Do when Your Child Is Missing

December 15th, 2012

Playing together with child, seeing child’s smile, or taking care of child at home is a fun thing that will never be replaceable by everything including money. Unfortunately, not all parents can take care of their child well because of having many activities outside home so their child are possibly in danger especially if those child like playing outside home. He might get lost or the worst they can be kidnapped by bad guys. Of course, it will be a serious problem that can make you stress. » Read more: Things to Do when Your Child Is Missing

Ways to Clean Carpet

December 15th, 2012

Nowadays, many people love to use carpet flooring because of its comfort and beauty. Carpet flooring also gives warmth when the homeowners are sitting or stepping on its surface. Besides, another benefit of using carpet is because it is able to reduce noise that might be caused by loud speaker. Well, are you also one of the people who use carpet because of those mentioned advantages? If you are, you are responsible to know how to clean your carpet well so you can clean it whenever it’s necessary. Follow three main ways to clean carpet below: » Read more: Ways to Clean Carpet

Things to Buy for Chinese New Year

December 13th, 2012

Yes…on February 10th 2013, Chinese New Year (lunar year) will come. For Chinese people, Chinese New Year is a special moment that can bring happiness and peacefulness. Talking about Chinese New year, do you have plans to buy something that will beautify your home for this special moment? If you don’t, below are several things that you have to buy so you can enjoy lunar year: » Read more: Things to Buy for Chinese New Year

Reason Why You Shouldn’t Really Trust Your Suppliers

December 12th, 2012

As interior designer, dealing with lot of suppliers who can provide the products that I need is a daily routine. But last week, I got pretty good lesson but I learned it in a hard way, it was ‘Don’t really trust your suppliers, some of them are liars.’ I found out about this after going to the field directly to handle my client’s home because my worker complaint about the material that I sent to them. I was like ‘what the h*ll is wrong about it?’ I ordered from my usual suppliers so I thought everything should be alright. In fact, it isn’t. » Read more: Reason Why You Shouldn’t Really Trust Your Suppliers