Reason Why You Shouldn’t Really Trust Your Suppliers

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As interior designer, dealing with lot of suppliers who can provide the products that I need is a daily routine. But last week, I got pretty good lesson but I learned it in a hard way, it was ‘Don’t really trust your suppliers, some of them are liars.’ I found out about this after going to the field directly to handle my client’s home because my worker complaint about the material that I sent to them. I was like ‘what the h*ll is wrong about it?’ I ordered from my usual suppliers so I thought everything should be alright. In fact, it isn’t.

Here are some facts that I found:

1. The wallpaper is replaced with the bad one but the price remains the same. Bad wallpaper will fade easily after couple of month. Besides the material is also bad so it’s quite difficult to be installed because it can easily be broken.

2. The concrete mixed is corrupted. I mean, I ordered for 86,400 lbs concrete mixed. Guess what? I only got 85,000 lbs. I’m not making this up because I even use truck scales to measure it so I get exact weight.

I really pissed off that time because I had been working with the same supplier for three years and I didn’t know for how long I had been cheated. I even hired an attorney because to solve this problem.

All suppliers are not the same but it’s wise enough for you to regularly check what you order on your own so if there is something wrong, you can find it out soon. If you accidentally use bad material for your client’s house, the quality of your work is not as good as usual. If this happen, the clients will think that the problem is YOU! Do you want to put your reputation in jeopardy?

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