Rooms Every House Should Have

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No matter how busy you and your family members do activities out of house, your home is still number one, right? You always do many things at your beloved home, like preparing to go to office, having showers, eating, dressing, relaxing, gathering with family, receiving guests, etc. Thus, don’t forget to always make your house as a very comfortable place to live in which a good house should have several rooms like:

  • Bedroom
    Your house certainly needs to have bedroom. You and your family members need it to sleep. Besides, you need bedroom to do private things and store personal stuffs. In this case, have some bedrooms at your house, match with the number of your family members. Master bedroom is certainly for you and your spouse. Then, having some daughters you can provide one bedroom to be lived together. Then, you can also provide an extra bedroom for guests.
  • Living room
    This room is usually located near main door. It is used to gather with family during spare time by doing many things like watching TV, watching movies, chatting, accompanying your kids play, etc. Receiving guest, you also need it. You can also do hobby there. Having reading as your hobby you can put a bookshelf to store your books and magazines collections and then spend time there to read. Loving browsing internet you can bring your laptop there while gathering with family. If you realize that your car gets outdate, you might want to browse SUV reviews 2012. There are many things you can do in your living room, right? Thus, don’t forget to make it comfortable by having a comfortable and beautiful sofa, chairs, tables, shelves, rugs, curtains, etc.
  • Kitchen
    If you’re a mother, you can’t be separated from this room. Cooking foods for your family’s breakfast, lunch and dinner you need this room.
  • Dining room
    This room is usually located near kitchen so you can serve foods that you cook easily. In dining room, you usually have big dining table and some chairs. The number of chairs can be matched with the number of your family members.
  • Bathroom
    You also need this room to wash face, brush teeth and take a bath. You can provide bathroom for every bedroom or you can also only have one shared bathroom.
  • Workroom
    If you work from home, you need to provide this room at home. Workroom helps you to focus on working without being disturbed by home stuff during work hours.
  • Study room
    Having children who are still studying at school, you need to create this room. Study room makes your children focus on studying. Don’t forget to match the study room condition and style with your children ages. Having small children you should create a colorful study room with interesting study tools like maps, posters, pens, books, etc. to attract them to study diligently.

Do you have all of those rooms? If you don’t have yet, you might need to complete it soon.

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