Things to Buy for Chinese New Year

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Yes…on February 10th 2013, Chinese New Year (lunar year) will come. For Chinese people, Chinese New Year is a special moment that can bring happiness and peacefulness. Talking about Chinese New year, do you have plans to buy something that will beautify your home for this special moment? If you don’t, below are several things that you have to buy so you can enjoy lunar year:

  1. Red lampions
    You need to know that red lampion is symbol of happiness. If you want to be blessed with happiness along the year, hang red lampions at home. This lampion can be hanged at terrace and beside entrance of home.
  2. Pictures and statues
    Buy pictures and statues that match with next year Chinese zodiac (Shio) that is snake. You can hang and put pictures and statues of snake zodiac in living room and bedroom. For more information about this zodiac, visit
  3. Buddha statues
    You have to buy Buddha statue to give true Chinese New Year nuance at home. You can put these statues in living room and also bedroom.
  4. Red envelopes (ampao)
    To add happiness in Chinese New year, it’s better for you to prepare red envelopes (ampao) that are usually filled money and shared to children, nephew, cousin, and other family members. But if you haven’t married yet, you are not allowed to give any ampao even though you are old already. You may only receive from other married couples.
  5. Red and gold candles
    Buy some red and gold candles to be put in dining table. Aside from giving romantic nuance, red and gold candles can give lunar nuance at home.
  6. Peach blossoms and chrysanthemums
    These flowers are symbol of luck and longevity. Because of this, you have to equip your home with these flowers. You can put peach blossom and chrysanthemum in living room, bedroom, dining room, and terrace.
  7. Home accessories with red and gold color
    Because Chinese New Year is identic with red and gold color, you have to buy home accessories such as: curtain, table topper, mat, or handkerchief that has red and gold color. You need to know that red and gold color is symbol of luck and windfall.

Last but not least, don’t forget to buy Mei Hua tree, tangerine, candied fruit, and chocolate gold coin to add harmonious and lunar nuance at home.

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