Things to Do when Your Child Is Missing

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Playing together with child, seeing child’s smile, or taking care of child at home is a fun thing that will never be replaceable by everything including money. Unfortunately, not all parents can take care of their child well because of having many activities outside home so their child are possibly in danger especially if those child like playing outside home. He might get lost or the worst they can be kidnapped by bad guys. Of course, it will be a serious problem that can make you stress.

The question is what will you do when your child is missing? Should you blame yourself and cry at your bedroom? No, don’t do these. It’s better for you to do several things below:

  1. Ask your neighbors
    Asking your neighbors is the simplest way to know where your child is. Who knows there are some neighbors who saw your child before he disappeared. A little bit information will be so useful to help you find your child. Don’t forget to tell neighbors about your problem so they can also help you.
  2. Report to environment’s security
    If you live in residential area that is guarded by security, you have to report your problem to them as soon as possible. Ask that security to help you find your child.
  3. Call 911 and report to police office
    If you cannot find your child yet, call 911 and report to police office. As information, police usually want to accept missing person case if that person is missed for 24 hours. Nevertheless, don’t need to be panic because police will remain helping you. Follow procedure as well and give information about child description in detail!
  4. Use missing person services from Silent PARTNER
    After you report to police office, consider using missing person services from Silent PARTNER which is known as best Atlanta PI. This agency will send professional and reliable agent to help you find your child. Don’t doubt quality of this service because this agency will handle your problem as well.

In addition, if you have computer/laptop and printer at home, use it to make brochures that contain information about your child description. Put child colored image in brochures and patch those brochures in public places so people know your child rapidly. Well, hope this information can be used as reference.

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