Tips on Riding Motorcycle for Women

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At the time being, most women like riding motorcycle themselves. They usually do this when going to office, campus, or department store. The unique and interesting thing is some of them often ride Harley Davidson so they look like men.

Talking about riding motorcycle, are you a woman who wants to ride motorcycle too? If you are, you have to be careful because motorcycle is heavy so you should be able to control it well especially if you don’t have much riding experience. Aside from this, you have to carry out several tips below so you get comfort and feel safe when riding motorcycle:

  1. Wear long pants
    If you want to get comfort when riding motorcycle, wear long pants. Besides, long pants can protect skin and reduce the risks of getting injuries when you get motorcycle accident. Don’t ever wear skirt unless you want to get any problem especially when you trap in traffic jam.
  2. Wear flat shoes
    Basically, women are identical with high heels but you may not wear it when riding motorcycle especially if you don’t ride automatic motor. If you want to go to office, it’s better for you to wear flat shoes and bring your high heels in your bag. You can wear high heels when you get in your office.
  3. Wear leather jacket
    It is important to do so you can reduce the risks of exposed to ultraviolet and rain directly that can make you become sick sooner or later. Besides, by wearing leather jacket, you will look cool and gorgeous. If you don’t have leather jacket yet, buy it at Leather Up that provides womens leather jackets, such as: Ladies ¾ length fur collar leather jacket, X element Women’s BXU-100530 Dark-Brown Vintage Motorcycle Jacket with Beige Stripes, X element Women’s XS-2002 Armored Leather Motorcycle Jacket, and many more.
  4. Avoid wearing jewelry excessively
    You need to know that there are many criminal cases happen because of riders especially women wear jewelry. Because of this, avoid wearing jewelry excessively and save jewelry in motorcycle box during riding motorcycle. To protect yourself, bring paper spray or even electric fire in your bag to anticipate criminality that can happen unpredictably.
  5. Save important phone numbers
    You are strongly required to save important phone numbers such as: workshop phone number in your mobile phone so when you get any motorcycle problems like tire blowout, breaking down, etc. you can call it as soon as possible.

Last but not least, wear full face helm to protect your face from UV lights directly. Don’t forget to bring riding license to avoid getting traffic ticket and always obey traffic sign, okay!

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