Ways to Clean Carpet

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Nowadays, many people love to use carpet flooring because of its comfort and beauty. Carpet flooring also gives warmth when the homeowners are sitting or stepping on its surface. Besides, another benefit of using carpet is because it is able to reduce noise that might be caused by loud speaker. Well, are you also one of the people who use carpet because of those mentioned advantages? If you are, you are responsible to know how to clean your carpet well so you can clean it whenever it’s necessary. Follow three main ways to clean carpet below:

  • Vacuum at least once a weekCarpet flooring must be vacuumed at least once a week. There is certainly much dust piling up on the surface especially at the area where is always being stepped every day. Apart from making house look dirty, the carpet that isn’t vacuumed regularly will be faded easily. You should not be lazy to vacuum carpet. Isn’t vacuuming easy? Of course, you only need to push the vacuum cleaner forward and backward. Well, because you might have schedules on workdays, you need to vacuum carpet at least on weekends.
  • Remove the stain as soon as it occursBecause vacuuming can only absorb the dust, you need to do other methods if you see any stain on the surface. There might be stain from spilling coffee, wine, ketchup, sauce, or others unexpectedly on the surface. Before it stays on your carpet permanently, don’t postpone removing the stain as soon as it occurs by trying to clean it on your own. Use brush and baking soda or detergent to remove the stain. However, if you cannot overcome the stain problem yourself, bring your carpet to the nearest laundry.
  • Use professional carpet cleaner serviceUsing professional service to clean carpet is a must if you have large carpet because you surely cannot bring the carpet to the laundry easily. Well, don’t get confused of looking for the right provider to clean your carpet well and entirely, there is local carpet cleaner NYC to overcome it.

Don’t forget to do three ways above continuously to keep your carpet clean. In addition, as a prevention to avoid carpet getting dirty easily, you have to wipe your feet on the doormat before stepping on carpet. Besides, you also need to keep any pets away because they will excrete the faces and pees on carpet unexpectedly.


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