Why do Most Affiliates Make Less than $1000/month?

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Back in 2006 I was a full time interior designer who worked for big firms. Till now I’m still an employee but nowadays, I never be afraid of losing job anymore because I already have my own machine from affiliate business. In late 2007 till 2009, United States were in huge recessions. Some of my friends lost their job. I was also afraid if I lost mine too because I have no other income but this job. Since then I realize the importance of additional income so I tried to dive into affiliate business. Now whatever happen to my job, I still can survive!

That’s enough for my prolog. Today’s topic is why do most affiliates make less than $1000/month? If you live else but America, one grand per month might be lot of money. Here one grand can’t cover lot of things. Even one plain-burger can cost you $5.

Well, from my experiences, here are the problems:

1. Have no business plan

Sounds weird right? But it happens to many affiliates. They just sign up to affiliate program then create a blog, fill with one or two articles, pictures, videos, etc then they optimize the site. After then they hope that they will get lot of money.

Those are the exact steps almost everyone does. You need to come up with a better plan. Make something unique, advertise your uniqueness then people will come and buy from you. Don’t believe so? Go to Bookings.com or Agoda.com. They are probably top two affiliates who make most money in hotel affiliate business regardless how many other hotel affiliates out there.

2. Have no backup plan

Am I joking? No! In business, you are going to fail at least 8 from 10 attempts. Only fools who hope that his first attempt will give him massive success. Prepare backup plan if only your first one fail. What if you backup plan also fail? “Try to find another way or create a new one!” That’s Tony Robbin, World #1 success coach always tells in his seminar.

3. You are happy already

If you are happy already with few hundred bucks per month, you’ll never reach thousands of dollars because you think you got enough already. Getting more money doesn’t mean you are greedy. You just take the amount of money you deserve to get. Let yourself to earn more!

Finally, if you want to make one grand or more per month, you need to create a plan, backup plans, and let yourself get your goal. Seems too good to be true? No! I’ve applied this affiliate marketing tips and make thousands dollars per month. It’s up to you to follow it or not. Good luck!

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