Creative Ideas to Beautify House

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“Wow…your house is so amazing, Fred. Your house looks trendy and attractive, I really feel cozy here. I hope that I could have one like yours someday later” is Nathan’s expression when visiting Freddy’s house last week. Actually, what did Freddy do to make his house look amazing? Below are several creative ideas that he applied to beautify his house, such as:

  1. Put a surfboard table in living room
    To give relaxed impression in living room, put a unique surfboard table. Freddy got this inspiration when seeing a picture of a beach house in Cape Cod, America. Choose surfboard table that matches with current chairs or sofas to create harmonious nuance.In addition, Annie Selke who is an interior designer suggests that each room at house should have something which is unique, such as: surfboard table.
  2. Install hanging rattan chair at terrace
    To enjoy spending your leisure time in the morning and in the afternoon at terrace, install hanging rattan chair. Put this chair in the right position where you can see the sunrise/sunset and your ornamental plants in the garden.
  3. Repaint wall with whiteboard paint
    If you want to put wise words in readable areas but you don’t have the right media to put them, repaint your wall with whiteboard paint from Smart Wall Paint. You are not required to repaint all parts of wall, you only need to repaint some parts of wall at house and use the wall as media to write off and draw anything that you want.
  4. Install mirror inversely
    Choose a round mirror that has leg and install it inversely in bathroom in which you can install its leg in bathroom’s ceiling. This way is so suitable for house that has small bathroom.
  5. Replace current stair’s railing with rope
    Thom Ficilia who is a modern and classic interior designer suggests replacing your current stair’s railing with rope. This way is so beneficial to give classic impression and increase interior appearance.

Well, if you are a homeowner who wants to amaze guests, apply those creative ideas soon. Remember to look for information from various sources about other creative ideas to beautify house so you can make your dream house come true.

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  1. Rose says:

    Creative ideas that I have to try!

  2. Sophie Hudson says:

    I like it so much! I am going to repaint my wall using whitepaint soon..

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