Backyard Party Checklists

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Are you going to use backyard to hold a party? That’s great because you don’t need to waste money to rent space like hotel, café, and restaurant. Besides, another benefit of holding party at backyard is making more people know more about your home because there might be some acquaintances who don’t know your home yet. You can throw a fun party as long as you pay attention to four things below:


How many people are you going to invite? Who? Invite relatives, colleagues, and friends to join the party. The number of guests really depends on your preference. The more people you invite, the greater the party is. Indeed, you need to allocate much money too. Don’t forget to write down on papers to ease you in sending invitations.


Using backyard as the venue you need to beautify and decorate it as nice as possible. Apart from cleaning it, you also need to put some decorations like landscape lighting, patio dining tables, bars, and many more. Taking care of each plant in the venue is highly needed to make your backyard look nice and comfortable during the party. About three days before D-Day, you need to put cookware and furniture there.

Foods and Beverages

Can you prepare the foods and beverages on your own? If you aren’t sure, it’s better for you to order them. Ham can be one of the main entrees to be served at your backyard party. Remember to put it at ham holder when you are going to serve it on the table. Besides, other great foods options are barbecue ribs, grilled fish, shrimps, hot dogs, and so on. Meanwhile for beverages, you can choose iced tea, cocktail, juice, etc. Last but not least, you may also need to serve some appetizers, fresh vegetables and fruits, and desserts!


Throwing a backyard party isn’t complete without entertainment, especially music. You can put sound system to play the music loudly. On the other side, you can also hire clowns and put swings on the backyard to entertain the children if it’s your child’s birthday party.

Prepare everything well and enjoy the party!

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  1. allice says:

    nice ideas. moreover, accidentally, i’m going to hold a party in a moment. reading your post i’m inspired to hold it in backyard

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