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Aside from watching favorite TV programs, reading novel, drinking tea, and chatting with family at house, you can spend your time to edit your own videos by using Final Cut Pro for Mac especially if you want to make your own video able to be watched in various video formats, such as: DVD, OVI, MPEG, etc. Unfortunately, you cannot edit videos especially in MP4 video format through this FCP software if you don’t convert the format first. The question is what will you do to overcome this problem? Should you cancel this activity? No! Don’t do that because you can enjoy editing videos as long as you do several things below:

  1. Gather MP4 video formats that you need in a folder
    Transfer videos with MP4 format that you save among in camcorder, digital camera, and smartphone to computer and gather those videos in a folder. Don’t forget to give a name to folder so you can look for the folder easily.
  2. Install video converter for Mac
    Because MP4 format has to be converted to certain formats that are compatible for FCP software, you have to install video converter for Mac and convert the MP4 format first. This software enables you to import MP4 Final Cut Pro file directly. You only need to download all MP4 video format files that you have to this software and choose FCP as output format.If you are interested in getting high quality video converter for Mac, visit reliable and well-known stores, such as: iSkysoft.
  3. Edit your videos as creative as possible
    After MP4 video format is compatible for FCP software, you can edit your videos easily in various Mac devices, like MacBook, MacBook Pro, or iMac. Edit the video as creative as possible to get good result so you can watch the videos at house comfortably.

Hope this little bit information can be used as references. Remember to read other articles from various sources if you need more information, okay!

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