Taking Care of Your Bathroom

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One of the fun activities that you often do in bathroom is singing favorite songs, right? Yeah, by singing in bathroom as you like, you can refresh mind and release stress. Based on Sleep Center at University of Kentucky, U.S., singing in the bathroom is also useful to remove habitual snoring when sleeping. Nevertheless, you won’t enjoy singing in this area if it is dirty, dull, and smell bad. Thus, you are highly recommended to take care of this room regularly. How?

Clean bathroom stuffs

Bathtub, floor, closet, and faucet are examples of bathroom stuffs that you have to clean regularly, minimum twice a week. To get good cleaning result, apply several tips below:

  1. Bathtub
    Bathtub that looks dull can be cleaned by watering warm water, brushing it with saline solution and turpentine, and rinsing it with clean water. Besides, if you want to take a bath with warm water, make sure that you fill bathtub with cool water first, wait for 10 minutes and then fill with warm water. In contrast, if you fill warm water directly, bathtub will be cracked soon. In addition, if there is stain that is difficult to be cleaned, smoothen alum, mix with water, and smear to the stain.
  2. Floor
    Similar to bathtub, you can clean bathroom’s floor with alum or disinfectant especially for stain that attach to floor for a long time.
    Remember to water residual soap and foam after taking a bath so floor surface is not too slippery.
  3. Closet
    Pour cleaning fluid into closet and water closet’s pad with disinfectant fluid. Brush it till clean and water it with warm water. In addition, if you get leak closet’s pipe, it is better for you to call professional plumbers to repair it.
  4. Faucet
    To clean dirty faucet, brush it with vinegar and water it with warm water. If faucet is clogged, remove faucet head and soak it into vinegar for a day. This way is effective to clean dirt in faucet so it can rework optimally. Using Handybook plumbing service is highly suggested if you face serious faucet problem.

Throw trashes into trashcan

Sometimes, you often throw shampoo sachet, soap packaging and laundry soap packaging carelessly in bathroom. These trashes can clog bathroom’s drainage that makes your bathroom smell bad soon. Thus, throw trashes only into trashcan.

Store toiletries in bathroom cabinets

To make bathroom look tidy and clean, store your toiletries, such as: toothbrush, brush, toothpaste, etc. in bathroom cabinets after using them.

In addition, don’t forget to pay attention to bathroom’s ventilation. Make sure that air circulates smoothly in this area so the bathroom is not humid and stuffy, okay.

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