Three Must-Have Security Tools at Home

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Home is the coziest and safest place to stay because homeowners can enjoy doing anything there. How about you? Do you feel comfortable and safe enough at your home? If you don’t, you are highly required to provide three security tools below:

Burglar alarm

To protect home from any burglaries, you have to install burglar alarm(s). This tool will ring out loud whenever strange people trying to break the windows or doors. Burglar alarm must be installed near windows and doors that are likely passed by criminals to detect the burglaries. There are various burglar alarm types nowadays. You can choose one that matches with your need. Burglar alarm that’s equipped with infrared will detect thieves based on body heat and motion. Besides, there are also burglar alarm types that will ring out the homeowners’ cell phone when burglaries are detected.

Surveillance camera

Installing surveillance camera is also crucial to catch crimes and detect any crimes that happen at your house, especially when you are asleep or not at home. Don’t forget to determine the right spots where to install surveillance camera(s), such as: living room, patio, backyard, etc.

Fire extinguisher

Different from two tools above which are used to protect house from burglaries, fire extinguisher is very important to prevent fire because homeowners tend to be neglectful to do fatal things like turning off the stoves, putting matches in random places, etc. The only way to avoid fire before it becomes bigger is using fire extinguisher. Place it at kitchen, garage, and other possible places that can get fire. In addition, you can also use extra tools to prevent fire, such as: smoke detector (to detect smoke and fire existence), fire blanket (to extinguish small fire), etc.

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