Tips on Organizing DVD Collection

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Do you love watching DVDs? Most people certainly do because it’s one of the best ways to kill boredom at home. If you love watching movies at home, you certainly have tons of DVDs, right? Having DVD movies collection at home you don’t need to waste money to go to cinema anymore. Bear in mind, you should organize them well because you likely make your room cluttered. Here are three helpful tips to help you organize your DVD collection:

Sort movies

Arranging DVDs can be based on genres. You have to differentiate each movie by its genre, such as: comedy, romance, horror, action, and many more. Besides, you can also arrange your DVD collection alphabetically so you can find one that’s going to be watched easily. It’s a must especially if you collect serial movies like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Twilight, and so on. Sorting movies is intended to not only make your DVD collection organized, but also to check each DVD’s existence easily.

Eliminate bad movies and add collection

Eliminate any movies that you will never watch anymore because they might be boring enough. You can give bad movies away to other people or sell them. By eliminating useless DVDs, you can add new collections and reduce clutter. Because you love watching DVD so much, you may even need to create your own videos and burn them using alternative to iDVD on your Mac to add your DVD collection. By adding your DVDs collection on and on, you have a lot of choices when you’re going to spend leisure time.

Keep at storage

To keep DVDs organized, all you need is keeping them in DVD holder. This is very important because you can put the whole DVDs that has been selected and sorted without worrying about making any clutter anymore as long as you always put them back after watching. Choose DVD holder that is made of durable material and put it near TV and in a place that is safe from your underage children who likely mess your DVD collection.

Organizing DVD collection is your responsibility because you are really addicted to watch DVD movies. Never postpone doing because your collection is growing day by day.

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  1. vica says:

    i like your nice post. the points are helpful. i must suggest them to my son. i can’t put up with his pile of DVDs.

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