Theft Prevention Tips

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Losing personal assets at house that is caused by theft case is so annoyed. Homeowners probably will experience financial problem sooner or later especially if police cannot catch the thieves. If you are a homeowner who does not want to face theft problem at house, aside from storing your assets, such as: jewelry, money, or valuable document at the safe place, like deposit box, it is better for you to apply theft prevention tips below so your house is safer:

Install surveillance cameras

To ease you monitor house condition anytime via certain monitor and even smartphone, install surveillance cameras in some inside and outside parts of house. For inside, you can install camera in living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Meanwhile for outside, install it on wall and in trees around your house if needed. Make sure that those cameras are installed well so those can show the detail of all house’s parts.

Bear in mind to buy high quality surveillance cameras at reliable stores, such as: Bearcat Warehouse that also provides police, fire, and EMS scanners.

Hire some professional securities

If you have enough budgets, consider hiring some professional securities to guard your house. Make sure that you choose experienced and skilled securities that can handle thieves professionally. Don’t forget to check their certificate and license if needed. Using security agency is strongly recommended to help you hire the best ones.

Take care of house well

If house fence starts to be broken and dent, repair it soon. You need to know that broken and dent house fence shows that you don’t take care of house well and equip house with good security system.

Besides, also repair all broken outside parts at house, such as: garage and tile roof soon after you know it. Seeing your well-maintained house thieves will think that you have high security system so they are going to think twice to steal your assets.

Hide your dog

Some homeowners assume that by showing their dog and put written “Watch out! Ferocious dog” in front of the house, they can make thieves feel afraid of stealing at their house. Realize that it is a big deal because the thieves will prepare special tricks, such as: poisonous food to paralyze your doggy. Therefore, hide your dog inside house so thieves become less vigilant when entering your house. Unconsciously, they will get stuck and deal with your ferocious dog.

Last but not least, consider installing iron trellis to doors and windows and don’t forget to lock all doors and windows at night.

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  1. Roy Keane says:

    I’ll install surveillance cameras soon.

  2. whitewhitney says:

    nice ideas. i like them especially the third point. preventing house from theft is actually started from the house itself. it’s funny installing camera but the house doors are broken, right?

  3. Thomas says:

    Nice ideas. I’ll apply these since my environment is prone to the theft

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