How to Convert WMV to AVI on Mac

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Some people like downloading WMV videos, like film series, movies, video clips, etc. from internet to then watch them. However, unfortunately that video format can only be played on some devices, especially those who use Windows operating system. If the videos aren’t compatible with their device’s OS, they should convert the WMV videos to AVI format. It’s for making them able to watch WMV videos they downloaded on more devices that can play AVI files.

If you also face the same problem, you need to do the same way. Just convert your WMV video collections to AVI format. In this case, if you have Mac computer, you need to download or install WMV to AVI video converter on Mac. Just make sure that you choose the best converter software so that the AVI files that are produced will be perfect. You don’t need to worry; many companies offer these services.

Now, after the software is downloaded to your Mac computer, it’s the time to do the conversion process. What are the steps? You might be surprised because actually it’s very easy. You can check here.

The first step is you must put or load the WMV files on the software. Some software even allow you to drag and drop the videos that are going to be converted easily. The next way is you need to choose the output format. In this case, because you want to convert WMV to AVI files, the output format you must choose is certainly AVI. The instructions will be displayed on the software clearly so you can follow easily.

When the AVI output format has been selected, you can start the WMV conversion process. Start it by just clicking ‘convert’ button. The process will be finished within minutes. After that, the WMV will be converted to AVI and you can start enjoying the AVI videos. Isn’t that very easy?

Always convert your WMV videos to AVI format whenever needed!

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