Make a Healthy and Green House

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At the time being, disease and pollution are two biggest enemies of human being. Both problems are caused by people who don’t take care of environment well so earth is in the peak of damage.

To overcome these problems, people and government have to cooperate to create green and health environment. If you want to participate, you can start from your home first by doing several things below:

Stop throwing trashes carelessly

Stop throwing plastic and tin trashes as you like around your home because this makes your environment dirty. Besides, those trashes can cause land pollution and much puddle that makes mosquito grow up fast. If this happens, there is much opportunity for you and your family to get dengue fever sooner or later.

Therefore, throw trashes only into trashcan and separate organic trashes, like fruit peels, vegetable, rice, and so on from inorganic ones. For inorganic trashes, you should recycle them. For example: for plastic bottle, you can cut it and use it as flower pot.

Create a green area

If you have front yard or backyard, you are strongly encouraged to plant this area with grass, flower, and fruit. Make sure that you look after the yard regularly by watering and fertilizing it. You need to know that having plants around your home you reduce the air pollution level around your house. Besides, those plants produce oxygen that makes your environment fresh.

If you succeed to create a green area, invite your neighbors to do the same thing so your environment looks green and health.

Provide good air circulation and light intensity

Pay attention to home’s humidity. If your home is humid and also stuffy, you have to smooth air circulation and light intensity more. How? Install some new windows so air and sun light can enter home smoothly. If you get problem with your windows so air circulation and light intensity don’t flow smoothly, repair or replace those windows soon. Use window services from reliable providers to get optimal result. If you are confused of choosing the right providers, read atrium windows reviews first. These atrium windows reviews are going to help you find the right providers so you can solve your atrium vinyl windows problem easily.

In addition, put some plants inside your home so your home looks green and life but not in the bedroom because plants produce CO2 at night.


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