Prevent Children from Smartphone Addiction

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Most parents decide to give smartphones for children to ease them contacting their children enytime they want. Are you one of those parents? It’s actually not that bad. But you shouldn’t let your children get more and more addicted to their smartphone. Do three following methods to prevent them from smartphone addiction:

Tell to them about the danger of using smartphone

Begin to teach children about the danger of using smartphone and internet as early as possible so they’ll be accustomed when growing up. Tell your children about how online fraud, cyber bullying, and identity theft are very popular all around the world nowadays and are dangerous for them.

On the other hand, you can also talk about the health problems caused by using smartphone too much like eye strain. Moreover, getting addicted to smartphone also makes them lack of focus because of just keeping their eyes on the screen.

Limit their usage

The second step is by giving limits for your children to use smartphone. For example, if you need to encourage them to study and do homework in the evening, take their smartphone and give it back after studying. Alternatively, you probably need to let them use smartphone only on weekends.

By limiting children’s use of smartphone, you can make sure that they don’t abuse their smartphone and are safe from cybercrimes. By the way, if your children are still underage (like below 8 years old), it’s better not to give them a smartphone yet because they are still too young.

Install spy software

The most effective way to prevent your kids from smartphone addiction is by installing mSpy, powerful spy software, to monitor children’s smartphone activities like web browsing history, call log, stored content and app, messaging, etc.

Moreover, if your kids know that you’re spying on them using spy software, they’ll think twice before abusing their smartphone.

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