Marketing Strategies for a Home Based Business

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Running a business from home is indeed fun because you can make money without leaving your family. Even so, why do lots of home-based businesses close down too fast? It’s definitely because they lack of marketing effort and strategy. Thus, how to succeed and survive in the competitive home-based business? Here are three useful ideas:

Make creative brochures

Even though brochure is considered as an ordinary and traditional marketing strategy, you should not underestimate the power of using brochures to market your business. In this case, all you need is to create one as eye-catching as possible. Hire a designer if you are not creative and good at designing.

Then, your next task is making sure that the contents of your brochure are valuable and complete. In addition, you have to distribute the flyers/leaflets/brochures at the right location and time. For example, if you open a course or tutoring service, you need to distribute flyers at school, especially before the examination.

Advertise on local newspaper and radio station

If your target market is local, you can do this powerful marketing strategy: advertising on local newspaper and radio station. Doing this you can improve your business’s visibility by making people in your area get to know your business.

Newspaper and radio advertisement needs your creativity and innovation to make the unique one that’s different from your competitors. Besides, you surely also have limited space (for newspaper ads) and limited time (for radio ads) to introduce your products /services.

Go online

Last but not least, you can reach bigger prospects from different cities and countries by going online. Set up a well-designed website and offer your products/services on it.

By the way, the internet marketing strategy becomes the bigger matter when it comes to expanding a business online. You have to know and learn marketing strategies, such as: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email marketing, social network campaign, Pay-per-Click ads, and video ads. If you need helps and plan to rely on experts to handle it, visit

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    Amazing tips.. I wonder how to successfully market my home business

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