Throwing Barbeque Party

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Do you only spend most your time to watch television and sleep when having free time at home? If you do, stop doing it and consider doing fun activities that can make you strengthen relationship with families and friends. One of the fun activities that you can do is throwing barbeque party.

If you are keen on doing this event and want to make it run smoothly, apply several tips below:

Invite your families and friends

After determine the barbeque party time (usually on weekends), invite your families and friends, minimum three days before throwing party. You can call, send text message, and/or meet them directly. By inviting them earlier, your guests can manage their schedule and even prepare their clothes. This also helps you know how many guests that will come to your party.

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Clean your backyard

Basically, barbeque party is hold in backyard. Therefore, clean your backyard from weeds and trashes so this venue looks nice and makes your guests comfortable. Ask for help from your siblings and friends to help you do this job. Make sure that your backyard is safe and comfortable.

Prepare ingredients and amenities

Prepare ingredients, such as: meat, soy sauce, pepper, salt, and much more and amenities, like toaster, plate, glass, etc. Do this preparation, minimum 6 hours before so you don’t bother yourself when party is started. Keep in mind to store ingredients in the fridge so those are still fresh.

If you want to add some originality to your cookout, think about getting printed napkins, maybe with an image that represents summer or your family’s name depending on the occasion.

Send reminder message

Remind your families and friends about your party by sending reminder message. This is important to do because who knows that your guests forget your invitation. Besides, by accepting your message, they can prepare themselves soon and go to your party on time.

In addition, dress up as tidy and as well as possible and have fun. 🙂

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