Two Ways to Prevent Data Loss

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When is the best moment with your family? Is it your wedding, kids’ birthday part, family vacation, or others? You obviously keep those moments in the form of pictures or videos whether on your computer or smartphone, right? Don’t you feel afraid of losing all those precious photos and videos? Therefore, you should do two ways below to prevent data loss:

Do data backup

Data backup is making copies of data and store them on other storages. It is obviously important because there are lots of possible things which probably happen to your device and cause data loss. Have you ever thought what if your device like smartphone or laptop is stolen or crashed? Besides, another possibility of data loss is because of accidental deletion and virus infection.

Therefore, let’s backup all data, especially the important ones, now. There are two options that you can do. First is by using other media to store those data. Hard disk, optical storage (CD, DVD, and Blu-ray), and flash drive are some offline data backup solutions. Meanwhile, the second option is online data backup or storing data on the cloud storage in which you can access them anytime and anywhere on internet.

Prepare a recovery tool

Preparing a recovery tool is actually not the way for preventing data loss but it’ll really help you get your lost data back immediately before you lose them and get depressed or panic. Recovery tool functions to find any lost photos, videos, documents, contacts, and texts on the device. Feel confused how?

Trust iSkysoft which provides a powerful recovery tool for Mac and Windows. iSkysoft app recovers any deleted photos or other files on your SD card, USB flash drive, digital camera, or other storage and portable devices. Thus, you don’t have to worry about accidental deletion anymore since finding it back is extremely easy with iSkysoft.

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  1. Nick says:

    Data backup requires me to pay expensive costs to get enough storage and powerful security. Thus, I better choose the second way

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