Tricks on Getting Comfortable Residence Plaques

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I was surprised at two comfortable residence plaques that I got couple months ago. I never expected to get those plaques which are given for homeowners once six months by local government. The purpose of this event is to make homeowners look after their residence more.

Local government parties usually give high quality award plaques, such as: marble finish wood plaques and cherry finish plaques with gold plate that are bought on

For those of you and my neighbors who want to get comfortable residence plaques, it is better to follow my tricks below:

Repaint wall with fresh colors

Realize that wall appearance is one of the appraisals of local government when visiting and looking your home appearance. Because of this, repaint wall with fresh colors, like green, blue, orange, and purple. If possible, distinguish color in each room so residence looks more beautiful and interesting. For example: repaint your bedroom with blue, living room with green, and dining room with orange.

Redecorate home interior and exterior

Do you feel comfortable when looking bad and old home exterior? If you don’t, the same feeling is also felt by local government when evaluating your residence. Realize that you will never get award plaques if you only focus on home interior and ignore home exterior. Therefore, redecorate both home interior and exterior by replacing home stuffs and parts with new ones and putting ornamental plants in living room, kitchen and terrace.

Install decorative lamps in garden

To beautify and enhance home appearance, especially at night, consider installing decorative lamps in garden. You can install colorful lamps in trees or LED lamps in fountain if you have. By doing this, people who look your home are going to be interested in visiting your home.

In addition, don’t forget to keep your home’s cleanliness and make sure that air circulation flow smoothly. Hopefully, by following these tricks, you can get comfortable residence plaques soon. Good luck. 🙂


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