Spin Welding

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Spin WeldingSpin welding is a technique that fuses together two separate parts with the use of friction-generated heat. In spin welding, friction is generated by one piece kept still (usually with a vice) while the other is spun quickly and held against it. The resulting friction from the spun part held against the stationery part generates intense heat, which then fuses the two pieces together. Usually spin welding is utilized for the fusion of two metal-based pieces, as metal responds most effectively to friction-generated heat.

Depending on the size and thickness of the pieces that are being fused together with spin welding, the fusion may take place in a matter of minutes, or in a matter of hours. Spin welding is actually a very scientific process that requires specific amounts of pressure as well as time-based adjustments to the spinning to ensure proper fusion.

And when the fusion is visibly completed, pressure via a vise grip may still be required in order to ensure that the fusion has taken place throughout the entirety of the connection between the two fused pieces. Even the slightest decrease in pressure or shifting of one or both pieces can result in a loss of fusion. Click here to learn more about spin welding.


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