Post Dimension for Attractive Window Treatment (1)

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Post Dimension for Window Treatment2If you are like the majority of consumers, your pursuit for the ideal cosmetic drapery hardware treatment likely started with an amazing set of finials which you noticed in a shop, at a buddy’s residence or on-line.

Today, you are trying desperately to locate all the coordinated drapery components like bands, brackets and rods to cooperate with these finials which you just cannot live without. Although this process of building your cosmetic curtain rod may function just fine generally, you may discover that you are placing the cart before the horse – or, more correctly – “putting the finials before the pole”.

You need to decide the proper post dimension on your window, before you choose your finials.

One the absolute most significant, and likely the absolute most misunderstood facets of picking your cosmetic curtain rod is picking the proper post dimension to utilize. Curtain rods can be found in lots of different diameters. Timber curtain rods are generally accessible 1 3/8”, 2”, 2 ¼” and 34 & 3” diameters. And, alloy drapery rods are generally accessible 1“, 1 3/8”, 1 ¼” 34; and 2” 34 diameters.

Selecting a post diameter is actually an issue of perspective.

The very first problem when picking your post dimension to handle is the location and size of your own window. A normal single-window (around 3 or 4-feet) that is in an area with standard ceilings will be an ideal prospect to get a one 3/8” timber post or 1″ alloy stick.

But, a standard single-window in an area with extraordinarily high ceilings or higher an open transom might want a bigger post diameter. Feel when it comes to the way your cosmetic treatment will seem when seen from floor-level.

A smaller-size post diameter that’s strung 12-feet off the earth might seem thin to somebody considering it from floor-level, despite the fact that it can readily support the weight of your own drapery. The farther from eye-level, small your drapery rod will seem.


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