Post Dimension for Attractive Window Treatment (2)

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Post Dimension for Window TreatmentThe converse can also be true. For instance, a 3” size timber post seems absolutely out-of place on a standard size window at eye-level. But, transfer the exact same window another 4-feet or so above eye-level, and the 3” post dimension would seem just good.

The entire size of the window affects your post dimension pick. When the windowpane period to be dealt with by your cosmetic curtain rod is 5 feet or more, you can like the appearance of a 2” or 2 ¼” drapery rod. Dual window or broad windows generally do better with bigger post diameters, while smaller stick diameters appear amazing on standard size windows.

Whenever you evaluate post diameters think about your drapery weight. You might be amazed to discover that most wood drapery rod dimensions from 1 3/8” to 3” do equally well with both light and large weight draperies. But if you’ve very heavy curtains, or curtains which are lined and interlined, think about a 2” as your own minimal size timber post.

Hold your appearance consistent. You might have a scenario where a person window inside your space is actually a double window and also the rest are single.

Instead of choosing distinct drapery rod diameters to fulfill the demands of every window, apply exactly the same diameter for the leftover windows and choose your pole diameter depending on your biggest window.

Finally, do not be concerned about those finials you could not live without! Most makers of ornamental drapery equipment make variants of these finials specially-sized to suit each rod dimension available. Therefore, ideally, you’ll be able to still utilize the finials which you adore but choose the proper post dimension. Let us only expect that we’re able to locate a post to fit within the exact same coating!


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