Create a Comfortable Children’s Bedroom

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bedroom 1Couple months ago, my sister and her family moved home to Phoenix, AZ. She did it because her husband got new jobs there. Her new resident is located in suburban area, but it is not too far away from downtown. Last week, she called and asked for my suggestions about creating a comfortable children’s bedroom. She told me that my nephews did not like her bedroom.

As a good sibling, I helped her as well as possible by suggesting her to do several tips below:

Install air conditioning

Living in Phoenix is a good choice. Nevertheless, homeowners have to be ready to feel heat temperature in summer. Temperature can reach about 500 C in this season, so many homeowners like spending most of their time outside. Because of this, I suggested my sister to install air conditioning, so her children’s bedroom can be comfortable. Anyway, If you don’t install air con in your children’s bedroom yet, install it soon.

In addition, if you need help to install it, contact Cool Touch that provides Phoenix AC installation and repair services. Besides, this company offers heating and plumbing services in various areas, like Sun City West, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Scottsdale, Avondale, and much more. Thus, contact its phone number on 623-584-3762 soon.

My sister already uses air con installation services from Cool Touch and feels satisfied because she gets optimal and good services.

Install wall decal

Children usually like pictures of flowers, birds, butterflies, robots, cars, and cartoon figures. For this, you can decorate and beautify their bedroom by installing wall decal. Choose wall decal that matches with children’s need. For instance, if they like robots, install robot wall decal or if they are flower lovers, install flower wall decal.

Repaint wall

Some psychologists and pediatricians highly suggest painting children’s bedroom with their favorite or fresh colors. This is important to create comfortable nuance, so they can get in the mood. Therefore, you should repaint their bedroom’s wall with their favorite or fresh colors, like pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple. What if children have different favorite colors? No need to worry because you can repaint their bedroom by combining those colors.

Now, my nephews enjoy using their bedroom.


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