Advantages of Evaporative Cooler

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Evaporative CoolerEvery homeowner needs a cooling system to stay comfortable especially in summer. Some people have an air conditioner in every room at home. Alternatively, a number of homeowners prefer to install an evaporative cooler than air conditioner unit because it’s just more advantageous. Here are several benefits of evaporative cooler:




Easy installation

Evaporative cooling system installation is easy and quick if we compare to AC installation. DIY installation is even possible to save some money. Different models of evaporative cooler may have different methods. Even so, it basically requires you to install hanger or holder and then place the cooler in the window or roof. On the other hand, if you are going to hire experts for more proper installation, it likely costs you around $2,000.

Low energy consumption

The significant benefit of evaporative cooler is low energy consumption. Thus, you are taking one step ahead to make your house more energy-efficient. Furthermore, if your cooling system has low energy consumption, you can also reduce your energy bill. As we know, AC is probably the reason of high electricity bill, right? You will not find it by using an evaporative cooler, especially since it uses the evaporation of water to produce cooling.

Less maintenance and part replacement

Most homeowners likely don’t want to bother themselves to perform DIY home maintenance. With evaporative cooling system, you don’t really need to worry about that. Evaporative cooler doesn’t require hard maintenance and part replacement as what an AC does. Still, it’s important to hire a HVAC company to conduct yearly maintenance. You first need to find the best evaporative cooler service Glendale AZ. Then, the experts will provide pads cleaning, pump operation checking, and other types of maintenance.

Better air quality

Last but not least, homeowners can also benefit from the use of evaporative cooler by getting good air quality because it evaporates the water. Unlike AC unit that circulates the air in your room, evaporative cooler takes the outside air that is dry and hot and then proceed it in order to produce cool and fresh air to the inside of your house.

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