The Life and Death of Termites (1)

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termites in house5I’d an opportunity to keep in touch with that educated insect expert, Dovid Davis of Baltimore, Maryland recently. Dovid and I’d never talked about termites, therefore I asked him to inform me about them. And, I was glad I did, because this turned out to be probably the most interesting discussion I’ve had with Dovid.

Brian stated that we were mostly likely to speak about subterranean termites. They normally reside in the floor, like worms, and they eat timber and mobile by-products including paper. Dovid explained there are ostensibly three phases of pest living, which are identified.

One of these simple may be the stage. As termites closely resemble a maggot, indicating a little white worm perhaps a sixth of an inch and on occasion even less in size, a nymph. They reside in cities. The core or heart of that will be the queen, whose sole purpose would be to produce the workers; and, there might be 1000s of them in a colony.

They’re all her kiddies, and while they perform, babies are produced by her. The employees, consequently, give the king, and all of them stay together, below the top.

Here, Dovid explained an incredible truth about termites, when the employees are subjected to open-air they die within 20-30 seconds. They are able to perhaps not come in contact with the open-air. A humidity level of 15-18% may dry them out. Seems a little like person to the moon.

The employees exist and live within these termite channels. She’ll then breed out another kind of termite, once the king desires to expand her nest named a swarmer, which is really a termite by having an exoskeleton. This termite is allowed by this outside shell to reside above-ground.

The swarmer life-cycle is short but powerful. They often emerge in April and March using the summer. Actually, their growth is set off by warmer weather. At any one time there is often as many as five to twenty thousand termites in a swarm.


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