The Disadvantages If You Don’t Take Soil-Gas Sampling

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photo-soilvaporTaking soil-gas sampling before building a new home is a must. Unfortunately, most people don’t do this because they don’t know tools for soil sampling that they have to use. Besides, they are lazy to do it because they assume that it is not important. If you plan to build a new home, will you take soil vapor sampling? If you answer no, you will regret because there are disadvantages like mentioned below that you will face:

Deal with lung disorders

You need know that if you live in location with high soil vapor level, you will deal with lung disorders. Is it true? Yup, this is true because gas will enter home and body and then ruin your lung. This problem does not happen instantly. There is a long process. In general, you will start feeling sick after 3-4 weeks living at your home. If you don’t move home, you will deal with serious lung disorders and be treated in hospital for a few weeks. The worst part is you will die. Imagine if this happens to your family members. Of course, you will be very sad and regret because of choosing that location.

Spend much money

Undoubtedly, building a new residence in dangerous location is wasting much money. You will get loss because you have to deal with soil-gas. You can make your home free from this gas but you need to spend much money to use services from experts or buy tools to remove gas. In other hand, if you are already treated in hospital because of getting lung disorders, you definitely need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you choose to move home, you will spend much money again. This will make you get financial problem and trapped in debts at last.

Thus, you should check soil vapor level by using certain tools before building a new home, okay!



  1. Eleven says:

    I realize now that taking soil gas sampling is important and useful.

  2. Ecy says:

    I will take soil-gas sampling soon.

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