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Enjoy Swimming at Home

November 26th, 2015

custom-swimming-poolTo beautify backyard, make family members enjoy spending most of time at home, get comfort, and release stress, many homeowners build or install pool in their backyard. Some of them build big pool and some others choose to install medium one. This way is very effective to attract kids’ attention so they will like spending most of their time to have fun in backyard. Unfortunately, after building this facility, most homeowners don’t look after it maximally. They let leaves, dust, and moss in pool without cleaning those at all. The worst part is they leave pool for a long time without replacing its water with new one. » Read more: Enjoy Swimming at Home

Increase the Look of Yard

October 19th, 2015

synthetic turfThere are many homeowners in Phoenix who don’t take care of yard well. They let this area look dirty and scary because there are many trashes and weeds. This happens because they don’t have enough time to take care of yard or know that having good yard is able to increase selling point and home exterior’s appearance. How about you? Do you look after your yard? If now this area is empty in which there is no plant there, you should increase its look. How? » Read more: Increase the Look of Yard

Prepare These before Winter

October 22nd, 2014

heating repair aYesterday, my neighbor visited my home after he finished his jobs in another city. While drinking warm coffee, we told about our activities each other. Besides, we discussed about preparation before winter because he did not want to experience bad moments anymore. I still remember what happened to him in last winter. Because he did not do any preparation, he nearly died. At that moment, temperature reached -2 degree with snow that fell down all day. He was hunger and cold because he did not have food supply and his heating did not work well. Fortunately, at that moment, I helped him fast, so that he could get medical treatment on time. » Read more: Prepare These before Winter

Minimize the Risks of Getting Truck Accidents

October 13th, 2014

Truck accidentYesterday, my son got driving license. He was very happy because he could drive truck for company where he works legally. While drinking of tea in living room, my son and I discussed about driving truck. He asked me about many things, including ways to minimize the risks of getting any accidents. As a father, of course, I never want to see my lovely son deals with this problem. Thus, I shared many ways to avoid getting truck accidents. » Read more: Minimize the Risks of Getting Truck Accidents

Common Mistakes When Buying a New Home

July 19th, 2014

buy home aCouple months ago, my friend bought a new home in Peoria, AZ. As a good friend, I was happy because he took the right decision. At the first, he wanted to use his saving to buy a new sport car. I suggested him not to do it. I explained that he would spend thousands of dollars to look after the car and buy car insurance. “It is up to you because you are free to choose” I said. » Read more: Common Mistakes When Buying a New Home