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Want to Build a Wooden Home? Know These 3 Disadvantages First

January 1st, 2016

Building a wooden house win is no less interesting than modern houses like nowadays. In fact, not only in rural areas but also in crowded places are also wooden houses still classified as living quarters are quite popular. Ease in renovating a top priority for most people in choosing a house with wooden model. How not, when the condition of homes are destroyed eg leaking roof, renovation techniques are relatively easy to do compared to classical or modern houses in general. Build a wooden house is very tempting, but there are some things that need to be taken into account very carefully if you are interested in building a house with the model, as follows:

Wooden Home2

Higher timber prices

Wood building materials supply fewer and fewer now that make these materials more expensive price. When compared with the steel material that is now more production, it is not possible prices relatively cheaper steel material. Imagine if you want to build a terraced house, starting from the pole, or buffer, floors, walls, even the roof is built with wood, wood clear that the amount should be prepared many can even reach tens of cubic. Especially when the material was less and the wood supply is hard to find, it is not likely to be looking into other areas where the price could soar and require greater funding. If not met, would the building can be imperfect and according to expectations.

Building design is quite complicated

If the type of house with the modern model or glass interior and exterior design is relatively easy to do especially with the help of an experienced contractor, but the model of a wooden house building design can be more complicated. Why? Wood is still intact only the size of the square must be designed with a variety of shapes and styles, so it took a longer time and also experts who are already very experienced wood assemblies that can be balanced and look attractive. In other words, to get an elegant wooden house requires an experienced and professional workers must cause full accuracy in assembling, if not likely building a house will look less attractive. Therefore, building design of wooden houses said to be quite complicated compared with the type of modern homes today.

Flammable building materials and eaten by termites

Not only the price of lumber and building design is quite complicated, shortage wooden house also lies in its quality. In fact, although the home material used is teak wood that is qualified, but did not rule out a spark could cause a fire and make the flames will quickly engulfed the house especially when building consists mostly of wood. Unlike the case when the material used is derived from zinc or steel, as well as lightweight steel roof fire retardant will definitely feel more comfortable. Remember, spark could trigger the fire especially when the surrounding combustible materials. That is the risk of a house fire wood are higher as compared with the use of steel materials. Likewise, the problem of termites, although wood is used good quality but over time can still be eaten by termites, while steel no. Certainly the conditions are easily destroyed wooden and renovation should be done more quickly than expected.

Construction of wooden houses to see the risk is relatively higher than modern houses, glass, and classic, but that does not mean wooden houses should not be built. Even the wooden houses are also more environmentally friendly, it’s just that it took careful planning and attention so that the house can be occupied safely and comfortably. Remember, wooden house can seem more exotic and unique when it can be built with good planning.